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Monday, June 29, 2009

The "Designer Dog" Controversy

Until a few days ago, I did NOT realize the phrase "designer dogs" was so controversial. In a few dog forums, I mentioned that Alvin was a Bichon Cockapoo born in Missouri and immediately the fur began to fly (pardon my attempt at humor). For some people, "designer dog" is associated with puppy mills and haphazard breeding practices.

Here's a sampling of the indignation generated by the words "designer dog:"

"Make a mongrel and stick a "designer" tag on it, and people will spend a big heap of money on one. " Ouch!

"I just hate people breeding "designer" dogs while others die due to lack of homes." It's not okay to breed dogs for certain desirable characteristics? Hasn't that been the practice for centuries?

"Designer puppies are what a great number of puppymills produce. Because of our temperate climate Missouri is a hot bed of them." Is this a fact - most puppymills produce hybrid dogs? Show me!

"I myself and me have a problem with this type of breeding because of the trail of horror it involves and I find it very hard not to speak out. Alvin is beautiful. There is no doubt about that. I will always have a problem with encouraging the practices that produced him." Then you must condemn all dog breeders!

I was being good in my forum posts and focused on the fact that at least Alvin the Designer Dog was lucky to have a good home.

Let's get practical - I was looking for certain traits and found them in this dog. How come people don't give natural parents such a hard time? They've decided to have their own kid in their own images and do not adopt a child despite the fact so many kids need to be adopted.

This "designer dog" controversy is pure and simple discrimination. But then aren't these forum posters entitled to their opinions?

Long Live Designer Dogs!