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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

13% Weight Loss Boosts Cockapoo Dogs' Health

Hopefully, your pup hasn't reached this level of obesity!

My two Cockapoos, Simon and Alvin, age 4 years, were diagnosed by their vet as being overweight. He explained the health ramifications of overweight dogs - diabetes, heart issues, lameness, and osteoarthritis. This last two issues are confirmed in a study reported by holistic vet Dr. Karen Becker (see reference below).

The Boyz's vet suggested more exercise and a slightly restricted diet. So, a few months ago, when Alvin weighed 26 pounds and Simon the food addict weighed 36 pounds, we started them on Blue Freedom, a grain free dog food. 

Here's their new "diet:"

  • Reduced their total amount of kibs by about 1/4 cup per day, 
  • Cut down on the amount of treats they were given, and 
  • Added water-based foods like cukes, radishes, and peppers (a salad) 

We also encouraged a little more activity - playing in the yard and a longer walk around the neighborhood.

About 3 months on this diet, Simon had lost 5 pounds and Alvin, 3 pounds. Each dog lost 13+% of his body weight. 

Now we are trying to make sure they don't regain the weight by adjusting the amount of kibbles slightly upward and keeping the treats and "salads" stable. The vet's pleased and the BOYZ have more energy and a healthier future.


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Simon the Cockapoo Dog and Rocky Raccoon

Sorry I haven't posted in a LONG time. We've been busy with moving into our new home.

Latest adventures with the BOYZ include close encounters with Rocky the local raccoon. We seem to have a family in the woods behind us. One night Simon sounded the deckside alarm. Rocky (a VERY large Rocky) was perched in a tree about 15 feet from the side deck.

I think Simon would lose a fight with a coon that size - sharp claws and all. Now we close the back door at night so no animal can come through the doggie door.

We got the BOYZ raccoon facsimilies. Simon has Rocky captured in the picture below.