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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

3 Ways To Fix Your Picture-Taking Mistakes For FREE

These tips for taking digital photos address fixing some of the most common picture-taking blunders. Lots of people get a digital camera, neglect to read the manual, and then wonder why the results are less than satisfactory.

Yup, if the photo opportunity has past and you’re stuck with a so-so picture, fix it! Use these tips for taking digital photos to turn your blunders into almost-perfect pictures.

What You Need To Fix A Photo
You need a PC with photo-editing software that will perform a few simple functions such as crop, lighten, and adjust colors.

You can download easy and free photo-editing software that will edit, organize, and share photos. The best-rated free software is Google Picasa.

Your camera might have come with editing software. Load this software and see if it has the features to fix your photo.

Common Picture-Taking Mistakes
The photo you want is part of the original
Let’s say you took a picture of the members of a band during a concert, but you want a photo of the lead singer. Crop the piece of the picture you want and save the result. As long as your crop is fairly large, the new photo resolution will be okay for sending or printing.

Your photo is dark
As long as the photo isn’t too dark, you can lighten the photo with your editing software “brightness” setting. Save the brightened picture.

The photo colors are not true
Occasionally, photos taken in bright sunlight are too blue. Editing software will allow you to change the bluetones back to their true colors. The editing feature will be named something like “color adjustment” – usually there’s a slider to test the colors. You may be able to see the color change as you move the slider.
Once you adjust a few photos, you’ll discover it’s simple to do. And you have fixed your mistakes!

More Tips For Taking Digital Photos
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