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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puppy Socialization - Simon Joins the Party

Although he was the smallest pup at his 2nd puppy social, he decided the other pups were having a lot of fun chasing each other and playing with the agility equipment. He joined the party!

A few times he was outnumbered by 2 larger puppies, but it didn't seem to matter. This is the point of puppy to puppy socialization - learning how to interact.

Now we are beginning to build a foundation for the next visit to the park where other dogs are everywhere!

Here's the rationale for dog to dog socialization from
"Even puppies who consider themselves to be nearly human will have to learn to get along in the canine community. At the very minimum, you'll come across another dog (or his scent) during your daily walks. Thus, he needs to practice doggiespeak."