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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

When To Call The Vet When Your Dog Is Throwing Up

This is Alvin getting a treat a few weeks ago - he looks healthy and HUNGRY!

But by lat Sunday (Oct 16) he was lethargic and perched on the top of the couch all day either sleeping or looking pathetically sick. He started throwing up Sunday nite a few times and then several times Monday morning around 6 am.

Once a dog is losing this much fluid (12 hours of throwing up repeatedly), it's time to visit the vet. A call into the vet's office confirmed that he should be brought in.

Since this has happened before with Alvin (last Christmas), I knew the drill.

The vet examined him, gave him a shot to stop his vomiting and said she would wait to see how he did to decide if blood tests were necessary (thank you very much!). His abdominal area was not tender and he was alert and aware of what was going on (he hates the vet's office and tries to escape the examining room).

He's on boiled chicken and rice a few days. Then we start mixing in the kibble in small amounts.

What causes his bouts of vomiting? Both of the vets we see seem to think he gets into something in the yard, but no one knows what exactly causes it. I questioned the possibility of the stress caused by two family members disappearing on vacation for a week. Since he is a "sensitive" dog (aware of breaks in routine and suitcases being packed), that also could be the cause.

Whatever the cause - we'll keep him on his chicken and rice (Boiled only) and see what develops. This is the third day on this routine - so far so good!