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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dog Owners Bullied By Their Pets

Yeah sure - dog owners aren't subject to bullying by their pets. Or are they?

Let's take a closer look at what bullying can entail. Sometimes bullying involves obvious verbal and physical abuse. That really does not apply to dogs and their owners unless your dog is attacking you.

A much more subtle form of bullying occurs when your dog has trained you to do what he wants you to do. And you do it. Because it's a habit. You've become a trained seal. It may have started out as you training your dog. Somehow it's now reversed. Fido has trained you.

Think about it.

When it's your dog's dinner time and you forget - who reminds you?  Insistently!

Do you absentmindedly pet your dog when he pushes his muzzle or whole body against you?

Can you get the bugger out of your bed?

Does he glom the entire bed and make noise all night?

Now who's the bully?

It's a very common dog behavior problem and needs to be dealt with. Read about it here: