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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Bored Dogs Bark, Dig, and Chew Excessively

Maybe you've seen the destructive caused by a bored dog - chewed rugs, coffee tables, chairs or the hole to China in your back yard.

A bored dog lives in a kennel in the house behind ours. He barks constantly and at all hours of the day for no reason at all. You may get complaints from your neighbors about your dogs.

Obviously, the barking dog's owner needs to re-direct his dog's energies. How? Toys are one answer. You can read the article excerpt below to find out what toys to use.

Another possibility is a product recommended by a super pet store manager when I asked about bones. He suggested a product called a bully stick. You can read about this alternative below. Be cautious with this one - supervise the bully stick consumption!


Paraphased Excert from Article by Stephanie Hetu,
Dogs experiencing boredom may have different types of behavioral patterns. For example, some dogs bark continuously and some dig holes or chew your furniture.

There are many ways to provide mental activity for your dog. Toys are available which stimulate the dog. These may be kept inside the crate and in particular, puppies love these items. A BusterCube with treats may be placed in the dog’s shelter and the animal soon understands how to roll it to get the treats it prefers.

These actions will help eliminate the boredom-like activity in your dog. Activities pertaining to boredom need to be redefined by dog owners. This will help to re-direct the animal's unwanted behavior patterns.

For example, some dogs will bite chair, cloth, mats, and anything else they can reach. After ruling out a puppy teething problem, provide the dog with some large sized balls, mineral mixture based bone materials, etc. Be careful that the material (plastic bottles create sharp edges) won't hurt the dog.

BusterCube Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The BusterCube gives dogs the mental stimulation, exercise and relief from boredom they need to stay healthy and content. Durable plastic cube is designed to be filled with bite size dry pet food. The food is then released at an adjustable rate as the dog rolls the cube with his nose or paw. You regulate the level of difficulty.

Redbarn 7 inch Bully Sticks - 6 pack

Dogs love the rich, meaty flavor of Redbarn Bully Sticks and the extended chewing action helps to clean away tartar and plaque from their teeth. Ingredients: Meat By-product. Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein (min) 80.0% Crude Fat (min) 1.0% Crude Fiber (max) 1.0% Crude Ash (max) 2.0% Moisture (max) 15.0% Calcium (min) 0.8% Phosphorous (min) 0.4% Shelf Life: 36 months Made in the USA.