DESIGNER PUPPYS: Everything you wanted to know about raising designer or mixed breed dogs,
featuring The BOYZ: Prince Alvin His Cuteness (on left) and Sir Simon The Sad, Cockapoo pups.

The Author

Pure and simple, my dogs are my kids. Well, Okay, they're more like grandkids. I train them, take photos and videos, groom them, and make sure they're well-cared for.

And not just anyone can care for my pets - their favorite dog sitter is a friend who lost her dog Bonnie and is truly committed to Alvin and Simon's well-being.

Likewise, their groomer is a caring dog lover who trains Westies before they are placed for adoption.

The designerpuppys blog is about Alvin and Simon (the Boyz), for them, and for anyone who loves dogs. The training and photography products I endorse on the blog are ones that I've tested and used.

After several years' experience raising the Boyz, I wrote two ebooks about their escapades. Raising Cockapoo Dogs the Right Way and Simon's Story about his trick knee surgery are the titles of these ebooks. You can find them reasonably priced on and

Enjoy the blog and the adventures of Alvin and Simon.