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Simon's Story

Does your dog ever run, yip, and continue running on 3 legs?

Or does your dog sometimes walk with a hop skip and then walk stiff-legged or with a limp for a few seconds?

Your dog may suffer from a condition called luxating patella or trick knee/floating kneecap. His kneecap(s) is/are dislocating.

Simon the Cockapoo had been falling up stairs since he was a young pup. He would hit a stair, his kneecap would dislocate, and he would dive head first into a riser. His trick knee became very noticeable when he was about a year old.

Simon's Story describes his diagnosis, surgery, and recovery from trick knee surgery. If you have a dog with this condition or you suspect your dog suffers from luxating patella, this ebook is a must-read. You'll find out what questions to ask your vet, how to prepare for surgery, and what to look out for during the recovery period.

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