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Monday, September 28, 2009

Vet Tech Occupational Hazard

This is a rare picture of Simon (Mr. Wiggles) at rest. In actuality, he's contemplating his next devious move to either attack Alvin or pee on the deck!

A few days ago I took Simon and Alvin (Mr. Waddles) to the vet. Not only is this trip traumatic for the dogs (Simon got a distemper shot and Alvin got his stitches removed), the vet tech (Kristina) experienced a (somewhat) typical occupational hazard.

Simon is at that puppy stage where he's just about mature enough to hold his pee, but he's not quite there yet. Mr. Wiggles submissively urinated on the tech's shoes (the kind with the holes in the toe) and the examining table.

I asked how often this happened to her. She shrugged and commented, "It's much worse when it's a big dog." Good attitude!

Somehow I can't imagine going through the day hoping that a dog or cat can hold his pee. Or if he does pee, it's not on my shoes. Now I know why the techs wear lab coats!