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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Contrary to What You May Think, Designer Puppy Breeders are NOT Greedy and Unethical

I know what you're thinking - another bummer post on designer puppy breeders. Nope, this post is going to praise the a breeder who does a good job producing the best designer dogs - Cockapoos.

See the cocker spaniel look-alike in the photo above? Simon is living proof that there are excellent designer puppy breeders. He's loving, affectionate, obedient and smart. At eight months, he's house-trained and can be left alone for half a day without destroying the house. We're working up to a full day home alone.

Although we weren't really looking for another puppy, we couldn't help but stumble on designer puppy breeders in the puppy mill state of Pennsylvania. We managed to pick a caring breeder and brought the pup home in August, 2009. At 8 weeks, he was 10 pounds. At 8 months, he's 25 pounds and truly believes he's a lap dog.

Although many people get extremely angry when you mention this type of breeder, perhaps they would change their minds if they met Simon.

Did I mention that breeders have been producing Cockapoos since the early 1940s? They may never be a recognized "breed, " but they are the best designer dogs.

Simon LIVE!