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Saturday, November 7, 2009

6 Ways To Successfully Tackle Difficult Puppy Training Problems

Obedience and HouseTraining puppies can be difficult at best.

But when your pup walks on a leash without pulling OR stops biting your hands OR hasn't peed or pooped in the house for a week - you get to call yourself a successful puppy trainer.

Want to successfully train your pup? Here's six Squidoo lenses designed to make you a primo puppy trainer:

Correcting Puppy Biting For Good

Why You Absolutely Need A Puppy House Training Schedule

Puppy Crate Training Tips - Reality Crate Training With Pups

More Crate Training Tips - 5 BIG Mistakes You CAN Correct

Leash Training Puppies - Why Preparation is a Must Do!

Improved Method For Leash Training a Puppy - Living Proof That it Works

Happy Puppy Training!


P.S. Do you know the best ways to stop puppy aggression like food guarding, jumping up on people, and digging (my favorite irritation!). Discover how to combat dog and puppy aggression.