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Friday, October 30, 2009

Puppy Crate Training Tips - Ten Things NOT To Do When You Crate Train

You just got a new puppy or dog. You are very excited. You look up all the puppy crate training tips and information online. Your puppy is going to be house trained in 7 days or less. Uh huh!

Dream on - dude or dudette!

Let's look at these puppy crate training tips from another perspective. Listen to an expert at trying house training methods.

Five Things NOT To Do When You Crate Train A Puppy

- Use a crate that's too big for the puppy. Install the divider that comes with the crate. Otherwise, the pup will find a place to eliminate out of his sleeping area.

- Toss the pup into his crate on the first night without a proper crate to puppy introduction.

- Force a puppy into his crate.

- Remove the pup from the crate at the first sign of whining or crying.

- Leave a puppy crated all day and then crate him at night.

Five MORE Things NOT To Do When You Crate Train A Puppy

- Forget to take the pup out before you crate him over night.

- Refuse to drag your ugly butt out of bed when a 2-month old puppy whines, cries, and barks at 2 am.

- Tease a puppy in a crate. If you were imprisoned in a box, would you appreciate your captors poking at you through the prison bars?

- Scream and yell at a puppy that's crying and whining in his crate.

and my favorite of the puppy crate training tips that you should NOT do . . .

- Take the puppy out of the crate and put him in bed with you. You are asking for all sorts of puppy elimination where you sleep. Yuck!

Read 'em Again and Let 'em Sink In

Read these DON'T DO's one more time before you start crate training a puppy. Let them sink in. Then decide what to do at 2 am - put the pup in bed with you or put up with the noise?

Resources For Crate Training Your Puppy

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