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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

FREE Dog/Puppy Training Ebook

I consolidated the six blogs about dog training (Are You Training Your Dog Or Is He Training You) into an ebook. It contains resources as well as my experiences with Alvin and Simon.

Here are the sections of the ebook:


  • Dog Training as an Ongoing Process
  • Why Dog Training Is So Critical
  • Types of Training Covered in This Book

Training Foundation: 8 Concepts to Understand Before You Begin Dog Training

  • Are You Committed to Training Your Dog?
  • Establish Yourself as the Leader of the Pack
  • Your Dog is a Family Member
  • Communicate with Your Dog
  • Patience and Consistency are Mandatory
  • Rewards Work, Punishment Does NOT Work
  • Show Respect for Your Pup
  • Dogs Deserve EXCELLENT Treatment


  • Internet Search
  • Housetraining Alvin
  • Housetraining Simon
  • References

Obedience Commands

  • Basic Commands
  • Lesson Learned

Overcoming Aggressive Behavior

  • An Example -Whining
  • When Your Training is Not Working
  • Dog Forums
  • Your Vet
  • A Certified Dog Trainer

Advanced Commands


Are YOU Training Your Dog or Is HE Training You (6 of 6)?

Victoria Stilwell is THE Dog Training Expert

This is the sixth in a series of blogs about dog training:

Training Foundation
Obedience Commands
Overcoming Aggressive Behavior
Advanced Commands/Tricks (you are here)

Advanced Commands/Tricks

The Secrets to Dog Training guide lists the following in its section on advanced commands:

  • Advanced Sit and Stay (Down and Stay is a variation)
  • Seek
  • Beg
  • Fetch (Retrieve)
  • Catch
  • Shake
  • Climb
  • Crawl
  • Jump
  • Roll over

I’d consider the first two useful commands and the others – tricks and/or fun things to teach a dog. Since training needs to be fun for a dog to learn anything, it’s worth the effort to teach. A few of these commands might fall into specialty/performance training.

Another addition to this list might be the Come command, probably one of the more important things you want a dog to do. It’s usually covered as a basic obedience command, but it requires a gradual process of moving further and further away from the dog. To get a high success rate, you need to practice A LOT. Never EVER call the dog to you for a reprimand.

Leash training falls into the same category as the Come Command. It requires a lot of repetition and work. The It's PAWSible! Dog Training and Puppy Training DVD devotes several sessions to leash training. So does the Secrets to Dog Training guide, but as an aggressive behavior issue.