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Friday, April 1, 2011

Doggie Garden Invasion And Morning Muddy Paws

If you read my post from March 30 (, you know it's the time of year for doggie garden invasion.

This morning Alvin topped the garden invasion prank (it IS April Fool's Day) by leaping the fence and digging a hole to get UNDER the deck. It's raining, he's muddy and playing hard to get under the deck.

I opened the deck lattice to release him, he ran out and vaulted the fence to his freedom (or so he thought). Simon the Snitch (if you want to know where Alvin has disappeared to, just ask Simon) grabbed him by the ear and started the scolding process.

Meanwhile, I'm late for work and Alvin is all muddy - tracking pawprints across the kitchen floor. It is during these trying times that I wonder if it's time to ship the mutt back to Missouri.

Ten minutes later, he's clean but wet. When I went to change my clothes, the two wonders were calming sitting on the den couch licking their wet feet. Like nothing happened.

After work, I'm buying the green plastic 4-foot fence from the depot!