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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Help for Owners with Difficult Dogs

Some experts call them difficult dogs.

Other dog trainers use the label impossible dogs.

As an owner, you may have your own term of endearment for your disobedient canine.

You can let the bad behavior continue forever.

You can tolerate the jumping, growling, barking canine who chooses to totally ignore your commands.

You might as well be commanding an army of ants, because you get no results when you ask your dog to come. He continues ignoring you. It elicits the same reaction from you as when your spouse exercises selective hearing.

If you have become exasperated with your disobedient dog, here's an approach that works -
Transforming Difficult Dogs into Well-Behaved and Obedient Dogs.

The actual link to this article is as follows: You may be surprised what happpens when your dog is both eager and willing to obey your commands.