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Friday, October 9, 2015

Fun Dog Physical Therapy - Walking on the Beach

Picture this beach without peeps. Alvin and I walked this beach today as part of his physical therapy post ACL surgery. Apparently walking in the sand helps the dog balance and works his muscles. Who knew?

Anyway, Al seemed to enjoy his walk UNTIL we approached the water. Then he jumped up on me as if to say "I ain't going anywhere near them waves!" The picture above shows a calm sea. Today the wind created 2 foot waves. Little woosy boy!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

After the 5th water therapy session, Alvin's limp stopped

Today is 8 weeks post surgery. Alvin did 12 minutes in the water therapy tank today (that's Al in the pic above). He's exhausted, but the therapy works. No limping and no 3-legged hopping.

If your dog has had ACL or luxating patella surgery, water therapy helps the dog rehab quickly. And its affordable at about $45 per session (at least in the CT veterinary hospital where Al had the surgery).
You can tell the dog works because he collapsed on the couch once we got home. He was very active in the therapy session - he ran hurdles, did balancing, ran a regular treadmill for 2 minutes (he hated every second), and swam (water therapy). The PT tech suggested he walk in sand between now and the next session.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Post ACL Surgery - Alvin's Recovery

Alvin's recovery from ACL surgery (2 months ago) is accelerating. He continues to do well in the water tank at the PT Center.

He's stopped walking 3-legged but still limps after therapy or after a walk. In fact, he passes out after PT (see pic).

For more information about Alvin's surgery, see the previous post ( and this article (

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Water Therapy for Dogs Post ACL Surgery

Seven weeks ago, Alvin had surgery for an ACL tear.  He developed a bad habit after surgery - refusing to walk normally. He would walk three-legged or limp badly even though we tried to exercise his surgically repaired knee.

Now he's in the PT program at a local veterinary hospital. Today, his third PT session, he's in the water tank high stepping and restoring muscle strength to his leg.