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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Creative Dog Grooming - Simon's New "Do"

Last Sunday the boyz were groomed by their favorite Spamaster and Professional Furrologist. The Spamaster agreed to shave Sir Simon closer around the muzzle to lose his fuzzy bear appearance. We were actually going for a Cocker Spaniel look.

After the grooming, Simon strongly resembles his mother June Beth, a cream-colored Poodle. That's June Beth on the right.

Bottom Line - the moustache, and beard are gone, and we can now see Simon's expressions. His best feature is the doelike brown eyes (a prominent feature of his daddy Spotty) - they are truly expressive when there's no hair in the way.

And for those of you who think we are "Cocker Spaniel" owner wannabees - we aren't, we just wanted to see the real Simon at his Cockapoo best!

And the Spamaster worked her magic again!

Sir Simon The Sad With His New Do