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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wow! A Specialized Dog Forum For Cockapoo Dogs!

I found this Cockapoo dog forum by accident (google search on Cockapoo dogs)and am really happy with the dog owners on the forum.

Best of all, there's no people or Cockapoo dog bashing because they all own Poo's.

After suffering through the slings and arrows on other forums, this is a refreshing find.

If you have a Cockapoo pup or dog, join and find out everything you wanted to know about Cockapoos. I Love My Cockapoo forum

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Legit Designer Dog Breeders Live on the Edge!

Obviously, you do NOT want a Cockapoo from a puppy mill (or a pet store, usually stores get the pups from mills).

You do want a Cockapoo from a reputable breeder. One who takes care in selecting healthy parents, maintains sanitary dog living and birthing areas, socializes the pups, provides the puppy buyer with a written guarantee and a solid contract, and answers all your questions truthfully. And stays in contact.

Where do you find such a breeder? Strictly by referral. For example, Simon's breeder fits these criteria perfectly. Only problem is I can't tell you anything more about the breeder or the location, or the website (which, by the way, showcases some adorable pups).

Why? Cause some nut job who hates the concept of designer dogs is liable to contact this breeder and read the riot act. It's happened. I had to quickly retract a forum post because a psychoid threatened Simon's breeder over the phone.

It's really unfortunate.

One other suggestion - you might find a referral at a vet's office. Sometimes vets and/or their techs are aware of good breeders.

Best of luck finding a Cockapoo pup for your family. You will always be happy about your choice.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Raising Cockapoo Dogs The Right Way

Sir Simon on the cover of 
Raising Cockapoo Dogs The Right Way
Thinking about getting a Cockapoo pup or dog?

Let this newly published ebook help guide you through your pup's first two years. It covers preparing for a new pup, housetraining, obedience training and deciding the best way to groom your Poo through common Cockapo medical issues.

Best of all it spotlights Prince Alvin and Sir Simon in all their Cockapooness (or is it Cockerpooness?). Whatever! Be prepared and avoid common mistakes with your pup!
Click for your copy.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What To Do When Your Dog Is Dragging His Butt - Part III

In Part I of What To Do When Your Dog Is Dragging His Butt, I explained that my doggie son Alvin had infected anal glands. The vet's initial solution - a round of oral antibiotics.

In Part II of What To Do When Your Dog Is Dragging His Butt, we found out that the oral antibiotics did not work, so we agreed that the vet should inject antibiotic cream DIRECTLY into Alvin's anal glands.

Two weeks later, we were in the vet's office again for a scheduled followup appointment.

Good news - infection had cleared up.

No surgery for the immediate future.

It's a "wait and see what happens" scenario.

Right now, it's a month after the last vet visit and Alvin is doing fine. No scooting across the floor on his butt.

We are continuing the pumpkin once a day in his dinner.

Here's hoping that Alvino will not have another butt exam this year!