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Monday, July 12, 2010

Canine Luxating Patella (Trick Knee) - Simon's Surgery Day

Today I know who's more anxious about Simon's surgery and it isn't Simon.

We took him to the animal hospital at 7:30 AM. He shook when he got there (he was there for X-Rays and apparently it wasn't a pleasant experience) and insisted on being held. Holding a 30 pound dog for any length of time ain't possible, so I sat down with him and waited while he was checked in.

Successful Surgery
At 11:00 AM, the surgeon called with the news that the surgery was routine/successful. They were giving him morphine via an intravenous drip. According to the surgeon, if he progresses as expected, he'll be coming home Tuesday afternoon.

We set up his pen to keep him away from stairs and furniture he can jump onto.

The other party affected by the surgery is Simon's bro - Alvin.
He kept looking for Simon all day, didn't eat his dinner, and finally woke up after I gave him a bone to chew on and guard. He's in dog heaven 'cause Simon's not here to challenge him for the bone. The picture is Alvin guarding his bone against an imaginary threat.

9:00 PM Simon Update
Good news. Simon has just been taken off his morphine drip. It has been replaced with fluids. He will get more morphine tonight if he's uncomfortable. He's alert and responding to the vet tech who said he's "a sweet dog," something we've heard more than once.