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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ten Reasons Why COCKAPOOS Are The Best Designer Dogs

Simon Sez:
"I'm a young mixed breed dog, a Cockapoo.
I look a lot like my dad Spotty,
a Cocker Spaniel."

What is a Cockapoo? No, it's not a vulgar expression, but a mixed breed dog. If you mate a cocker spaniel (American or English) with a Poodle, the result is a Cockapoo. For the most part, the size of the poodle determines the size of the offspring.

According to the Wikipedia definition of cockapoo, breeders usually choose a toy or minature poodle as one parent. On average, a full-grown Cockapoo weighs 12 to 24 pounds and stands 10 to 15 inches.

Most people think designer dogs represent a recent trend that eventually will fade away. But Cockapoos have been bred since the early 1940's. Contrary to what most designer dog naysayers believe, this mixed breed dog is not a fad.

Here's ten reasons why Cockapoos are the best designer dogs:
1. They can be small dogs (toy poodle/cocker spaniel combination), but not so small you can easily step on and hurt them.
2. They are all different - one might look like a poodle, another more like a cocker spaniel.
3. They are sweet dogs. And they are truly affectionate dogs. Maybe not necessarily lap dogs, but certainly owner-loyal.
4. If you are allergic to dogs, you probably won't react to a Cockapoo pup. Their coats are hair, not fur.
5. They love people and will wiggle their butts when their owner walks in the door and when they meet people on the street.
6. They are easily housetrained (relative to other types of dogs) and obedience-trained.
7. They are extremely photogenic (and easy to photograph).
8. They are energetic and playful.
9. People have a good time guessing what mix/breed they are. Alvin is a Bichon Cockapoo and looks a lot like a Bichon Frise; that really confuses some people.
10. You meet a lot of people when you walk your cockapoo pup!


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