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Thursday, May 16, 2013

When the Perfectly Housetrained Puppy Regresses

Okay, I wrote The Perfectly Housetrained Puppy before we moved to a new home two towns away from the old residence. Prince Alvin had not messed in the old house in 4 years.

We moved. Alvin started marking his territory in the new house. He was eliminating in the new penned in area, but was clearing marking the brandy new beige rug. upstairs and downstairs. WHY?

Two Possible Causes
I came up with a plausible explanation - the trauma of the new move plus the new house sounds simply rattled high-strung Alvie. He is barking at every little sound.

The next possible cause explained by a new neighbor centers around the fact that the former owner had  a dachshund named Fenway. Alvin was claiming Fenway's territory for himself.

What I did
My solution was to block him off from the rooms where he was marking. It seems to be working. I just need to watch him carefully in Fenway's rooms - you know, the rooms with the new rugs!

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