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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Off to See the Groomer - the Gracious Groomer of Perfect Pets

OK, I said I wouldn't pay for a groomer again because it was so expensive. And it worked for several months with the DIY grooming except for one serious flaw - Simon looks like a miniature woolly bear. He does NOT appreciate the clippers or the scissors OR the nail trimmer.

The rationale is that since Alvin was groomed several times and seems comfortable with the grooming equipment, maybe Simon will too. Maybe not. We'll see.

This groomer is way cheaper than the mobile one, but I have to travel 20 minutes each way with Pupsky 1 and 2, both of whom like to puke in the car. They haven't christened my car yet.

Here's before pictures of the little monsters taken yesterday:

Here's hoping they both look much better tomorrow!