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Monday, November 2, 2009

Puppy Training Problems – Correcting Puppy Biting For Good

One of the most persistent puppy training problems is biting and nipping. Young puppies bite when you pet them. They bite when you play with them. They don’t discriminate – they bite everyone. It's what they do.

If you don't stop them when they’re young, you'll have a harder-to-correct dog biting problem.

Picture your loving pet full-grown with a mature set of wolf-like teeth. You do NOT want this creature biting, nipping, and mauling you. Either the dog will end up in a shelter, or you will be covered in cuts and bruises.

Tackle The Puppy Biting Problem Now

Correcting a puppy’s biting is a two-step procedure.

First, when the little monster starts with the mouthing and biting routine, startle him with a loud noise either coming from you (a loud Errrr will do) or from you shaking a can full of coins.

By the way, if you’ve been told to squeal like a puppy when you get bit, go ahead – that will startle him too.

You need not get upset, just startle the pup into stopping his biting. By the way, this biting thing is only an issue for humans. The dog is doing the same activity he enjoyed with his litter mates.

The Next Step Is A Substitution

Once you surprise him into stopping the biting, he’ll probably look at you in total amazement. You immediately give him something else to bite – like a toy or a bone.

Consistency Is The Key

Repeat this startle and substitute act EVERY time the pup bites. Consistency is the key to success for correcting puppy training problems such as biting and mouthing.



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