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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Can You Resist The Whining Of A Crated Puppy?

Crate Training Tips – How To Handle A Whining Puppy

This set of crate training tips deals with one of the most annoying puppy training problems – the whining, crying, and possibly barking crated dog.

The Scenario
Suppose your about to go to bed. You’re tired, but you take your pup out for the last time. He does both duties. He willingly goes into his crate, but in a few minutes he starts whining. And after five minutes of noise, you take him out of the crate. Oops!

Who’s Training Who?
Obviously, you wanted him to stop - but when you remove him, yell, or talk to him, you’ve actually sent a powerful message – puppy gets owner’s attention when puppy whines.

Look at it this way – when you take him out of the crate, HE is training you. Now who’s really in charge?

Crate Training Tips For A Whining Crated Dogette
So here are the crate training tips to follow when a young canine whines in his crate:

1. As long as he has just eliminated AND he’s healthy (no digestive issues or urinary tract infection), let him whine. It may take some time, but he will tire and fall asleep.

2. Try covering the crate with a towel or sheet to achieve a den-like environment.

3. Leave the TV or radio playing – he’ll think he’s got company. If you live in an apartment, the TV may drown out the whining.

4. Be quiet – no talking to or yelling at the whiner. If your spouse complains about the noise, you can remind him or her who wanted the little monster!

5. If you really can’t deal with the noise, think about putting the crated dog in another room.

These crate training tips will guide you through a mini crisis – the whining crated dog.

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