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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Canine Luxating Patella Surgery - Simon's Recovery Week 5 of 6

The Boyz Playing (Pre-Surgery)

During Week 5 of recovery, it is getting more and more difficult to keep Simon quiet. Just a few minutes ago, Alvin and Simon were wrestling over a toy bone. We break up fights constantly because when they're on the same floor of the house, they want to play.

Because his knee seems fine and he is a young dog, the tendency is to ignore the surgeon's orders to keep him quiet. It's tough to keep hauling him up and down stairs (even though he seems to be used to it). I can see why some dog owners would just give up.

But I keep hearing the vet tech's words when I complained about the 6-week restrictions - "Do you really want to do this all over again? It just takes one little twist the wrong way to tear the repaired knee."

All righty then - one more week and a half to go to the August 23rd date with the surgeon.