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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Problems Housetraining Your Puppy? Why Understanding Dog Behavior Helps to Solve Your Problems

What the heck does understanding dog behavior have to do with housetraining your puppy?

It will help to start solving problems if you see what can happen if you do NOT take dog behavior into consideration while housetraining your puppy:
  • You punish a dog for peeing and pooping in the house. He may look like he did something wrong, but he cannot connect the act with the punishment. You punish him with no result other to make yourself feel better.
  • You're so set against crate training that you won't even give it a try, even though it's a known fact that used correctly, a den is a dog's "safe" place. Use it to YOUR advantage.
  • You scream and yell at the dog. This serves the same purpose as when you yell at a small child - it creates fear. And fear is a demotivator, NOT a motivator.
Okay, so NOW do you see why you need to understand dog behavior while housetraining your puppy?

Actually, you can discover the solutions to many dog-related issues, including excessive barking, biting, jumping, leash pulling, and non-obedience.

How? Secrets to Dog Training - the dog training solutions provider created by dog training experts for puppy and dog owners.

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