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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

An Excellent Option When You Can't Take your Dogs on Vacation with You

Lots of dog owners look for a reasonable option when they can't take their dogs/animals on vacation with them. 

You can board your dog, but do you really want your dog caged for the entire time you're away? The last time I boarded animals they all came back home with a serious case of fleas!

You can leave your dog with friends/relatives or pay someone to take him into a stranger's home. The question is - will your relatives (or the stranger) cater to their animals or yours?

Here's a much better option - get someone to house and pet sit for you - bring the caretaker to your house for the time you are away. And if the caretaker is a vet tech - better yet!

Case in point - we took a trip to Kentuckiana and then to Vegas for a total of 8 days. Our local vet has several techs who have known the Boyz since they were pups. One of the techs house sits and dog sits and has taken care of friends' pets with medical problems (giving shots and pills). It was perfect - what better person to stay with your dogs than someone who knows them AND can handle a medical emergency?

I admit I was nervous - new house and all. But it worked out perfectly. Of course the downside was the extra expense but that's gonna happen anyway when you board animals.

Check in your local vet office - chances are someone in the office pet sits or can recommend someone who does. Have a great vaca knowing that your pets are well-cared for!