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Monday, September 20, 2010

Canine Luxating Patella - Surgery Recovery Time Is Critical To Success

My handsome Cockapoo pup Simon had luxating patella (trick knee) surgery when he was a year old.

Details of the problem with his knee, how it was corrected, and his recovery from surgery are described in this ebook: Simon's Story.

Luxating patella surgery recovery time was a lot longer than anticipated. During the initial six-week period post surgery, Simon was totally inactive and had to be carried up and down stairs.

The second four-week period ordered by his surgeon after an exam on August 23rd was only slightly less restrictive. Basically, he could climb stairs, but was not allowed to run or play with his brother, Alvin. Leash walking was allowed.

You must have a dog if you're reading this post, so just imagine keeping a young 18 months old dog from running for even a day. LOL - this wasn't a fun time for animals and owners!

Of course he isn't supposed to run full speed, but he does. And the stumbling, limping, stiff-leggedness has been corrected. His vet (not the surgeon) confirmed that the knee was stable during a regular visit for a rabies shot.

If your dog is about to have this surgery, I wish you patience and persistence to ensure a successful recovery. According to the surgeon, the repair is routine. The key is the recovery period so that proper healing takes place.

Listen to the surgeon and the pup's vet - you do not want your dog in surgery again if the recovery is not successful!

Find out how to ensure a successful recovery from canine luxating patella surgery: Simon's Story