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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Canine Luxating Patella Surgery - Simon Bandage Removal Day 5

On Saturday, 5 days post surgery for canine luxating patella, we took Simon to the vet for bandage removal. We decided we needed one person to drive and one person to control Simon so he could not hurt himself. You could probably crate a dog and drive to the vet yourself, but Simon's crate is too small for him (he's was supposed to grow to 20 pounds, not almost 30).

It took 2 vet techs, one to hold him and one to cut off the bandage. The hospital did NOT shave his entire leg so some of the bandage adhesive adhered to hair. The tech shaved part of his lower leg to release the adhesive.

Simon gave one protesting yelp - when the tech tried to remove the bandage on hair. Besides that, he was very cooperative. He walked out of the office with a very slight limp.

Here's 2 pics of the leg sans bandage. You can see 8 stitches to the left of center line of his leg. The leg seems to be healing nicely.

See the post on 7-16-2010 ( for a complete list of posts on this surgery and Simon's recovery.