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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

BEFORE Leash Training Puppies – Six Basic Questions To Answer

Why PREPARE for leash training puppies? Because – professional dog trainers consider leash training one of the most difficult obedience activities. And if these experts consider leash training puppies difficult, why not get started with the right tools?

FYI - on the right is a picture of Alvin demonstrating leash training. If your puppy does what he's doing, maybe you DO need to read this post!

If you’re still thinking, “Yeah sure – I need a dog, a leash, a collar, and a training area. Then, I’ll start walking and correct any inappropriate behavior like pulling.” Unfortunately, that’s old school dog training. It MAY work over a long period of time. It may NOT. Let’s try again.

Six Questions You Need To Answer BEFORE You Start Leash Training Puppies

You need the following items for leash training puppies. (Questions will be addressed, but you may want details – see the resources below for more information.)

1. A puppy or dog. Do you have one?
If you don’t got one, borrow one. You won’t regret it (well, maybe a wee bit, sometimes).

2. A leash, but how long and should it be retractable?
The standard six-foot leash is fine.
Professional dog trainers frown on retractable leashes for training.

3. A collar, but which kind?
You can use a standard collar, a body harness, or something called a Gentle Leader.

4. Rewards for the correct behavior. Which treats should you use for leash training?
Use treats the dog really likes. Sounds obvious, but if your dog’s not eager for the treat, the training will not succeed.

5. An environment. Where’s best to start - inside the house, outside, in an open field, etc.?
Start in an area where the distractions are minimal; for example, inside the house.

6. A method - when will you treat, how often, what's acceptable behavior and what's not?
The answers to these questions are dependent on the method you choose. First choose a method recommended by experts; you will find the answers in the method description.

Free Resources

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