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Monday, July 23, 2012

Who's Ruining Your Dreams of Having the Perfectly Trained Dog?

Let's see - you are trying  to get your small puppy to stop jumping up on people. So you explain to everyone you live with that all you need to do is ignore the dog. And if you ignore the jumping; eventually it will stop.

It's a Proven Method, BUT . . .
Great advice and works for many small dogs. But not for all. Why? Just observe the behavior of the humans you live with. Who's ignoring what you have asked them to do? Who's dumb enough to scream at the dog as soon as the jumping starts. Duh! That's giving the dog the attention he seeks by jumping. And it's totally counter-productive.

Your Next Move
Your have two decisions in this case - give up, or persuade the offender that what they're doing is not working. Unfortunately, some people are ignorant and will never learn. But it's still up to you as the dog's owner or caregiver to train your dog. The ball's in your court!

Here's an article I wrote about the topic of dog training saboteurs who totally destroy your efforts. The article explains some of the things I've done to counteract their ignorance.
The Biggest Obstacle to Successful Dog training