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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Am Smarter Than a 6-Month Old Pup

Alvin Sez:
You're Going Where?
Why Aren't You Taking Me?

I need a vacation and thank you very much - I am going on a see-5-baseball games-in-10-days hot dog, beer, and baseball stadium vaca.

There are 2 doggie issues swirling around this vacation:

1) Prince Alvin sometimes makes me crazy so I need to get away. Today he escaped through a carefully handcrafted gate into the forbidden living room. Once he arrived, he happily started pillow chewing. Fortunately a family member noticed the method he used and let me know. Ten minutes with a few pieces of wood and some screws and his escape route was sealed off. However, as I informed Alvin that he was done being Houdini, the same family member pointed out that my maniacal laughter was a wee bit unsettling. Yes, I am smarter than a 6-month old pup.

2) The same pup who makes me crazy has a bad case of separation anxiety. When we leave for a few hours, he waits for us at the top of the stairs and whines and barks. How long will he wait when we're gone for 10 days?

I don't think it'll be too difficult to have a good time on a baseball vacation. And yes, I will miss Prince Alvin - a lot.
Hopefully, Alvin will get plenty of visitors (people) and see a few dog friends (Snowy, Zoey, Scooter, Artie, and Lexie) and forget about us. And make someone else laugh maniacally!


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