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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Crazy Woman Raising 2 Pups Under a Year Old

Simon the Sad Watching Prince Alvin

Prince Alvin Watching Simon the Sad

Yes, I admit it - I am crazy trying to raise two puppies, one 6+ months old (Alvin) and the other 11 weeks old (Simon).

Almost every second of the day (and sometimes the night) is dedicated to the care and watering of these two puppies.
Playing outside. Playing inside. Eating incessantly. Drinking too much water and peeing 3 times in an hour. Housetraining a pup too young to understand housetraining. Crying in the crate. Puking in the car. Puking on the bed. Whining for food. Wondering about liver shunt. Going to the vet. Collecting pee and poop samples. Waking up at 2 am and 5 am to more whining. What was I thinking when we brought Simon home from Lilly, PA 2 weeks ago?

Oh yeah - get Alvin a companion so he could get over his separation anxiety. Is it working? Yes, it is.

And they are bonding. And they are a joy to watch playing.
And if I had to do it over - I would not change anything!


Anonymous said...

you do know that the correct spelling is "puppIES" not puppYs, right?

valmillsy said...

poetic license