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Monday, August 10, 2009

Playfighting Cockapoo Pups - Who's Top Dog?

What happens when you pair a 6-month old Bichon Cockapoo (Alvin) with a 9-week old Cockapoo (Simon)?

No explanation necessary - pictures tell all!

Cockapoo Round 1

Cockapoo Round 2

Clearly, Alvin wins both rounds, but Simon holds his own. The strangest thing is that the younger, smaller dog outclassed in size and strength wins the battle of the bone because Alvin is too scared to regain it. Wonder who will be top dog in a few months?

In case you're wondering, this puppy playtime is totally initiated by the pups; we just referee when the younger puppy gets too tired, starts to hide from Alvin, or Alvin gets too rough.


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