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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Incorrect Liver Shunt Diagnosis?

Picture on Left: Prince Alvin The Patient Catching His Breath After Partying Too Hardy

In the last month, Alvin has visited the vet 3 times for blood work, and is about to go again this week.

Why are we putting the pup through numerous blood tests?
The vet's lab has returned 2/4 results so far that indicate he has a possible liver shunt condition. Since this condition can be fatal, we want to make sure the lab results are correct. Allegedly this lab had problems calibrating its centrifuge - and that's why more than one animal's blood tests returned with high liver enzymes.

Today I asked the vet to do one more test and send it to another lab for analysis. He agreed that before Alvin has neuter surgery on Monday, one more test would be wise.

Playing with an Animal's Health
As I'm writing this blog entry, I'm wondering if these labs are regulated or can they just not maintain their equipment and get away with it? Causing unnecessary pain for an animal and emotional pain (and additional costs) for owners is not the best way to stay in business.

I expect to learn the good news about this blood test on Saturday.


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