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Monday, September 14, 2009

Neuter Surgery - The Recovering Patient

Alvin Snoozes After His Neuter Surgery

Early this morning the car carrying Alvin to the verterinary hospital disappeared around the corner. I stared into space thinking about the behavior and medical benefits associated with neutering. At the same time, I knew the animal would be in pain tonight. And his dog maleness (for lack of a better term) would be irreversibly cut out.

Then Simon tugged on his leash so he could chase an imaginary flying insect, and I turned to walk into the house.

Late in the afternoon, the patient returned home, greeting Simon and I with his usual enthusiasm. But there was the bandage from the dew claw removal (also done today) and shrill yips if you picked him up the wrong way.

Simon seems to understand that something is different and didn't protest (too much) when we kept him away from Alvin. Unfortunately, based on our instructions, they can't play for 10 days because rough housing might disturb the stitches. Simon will NOT understand the 10 day play restriction.

Alvin parked himself in the den and tried to sleep, but the pain was bothering him. Tonight he ate a few kibbles and drank a little water, endured the photographing, and finally fell asleep. I took pictures of the incision in case excessive swelling develops. If there is infection, you have a benchmark picture for comparison purposes. These pictures are not pretty, but I guess it's a good idea.

Tonite he'll sleep with a soft e-collar so he can't lick the incision if he wakes. Excessive licking can cause an infection.

Hope he experiences less pain tomorrow.


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