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Sunday, October 11, 2009

'Tis the Season For Canine Lyme Disease

As I was sweeping the leaves off the deck after a recent rain, I remembered the vet tech's warning - fall is the season for ticks - Simon should be vaccinated against Lyme disease. Alvin already had the vaccination in the spring.

I haven't found any ticks on either dog since last spring. But as soon as they start playing in the leaves, the potential for a deer tick bite (and possible Lyme disease) increases exponentially. Also, the deer ticks are the size of a sesame seed - how am I supposed to find one in thick Cockapoo hair?

Both dogs are protected by Frontline Plus, but all that means is the pesticide kills ticks within 48 hours of landing on the animal. It still can attach to the skin and bite.

And if you think because you live outside of Connecticut, you don't have to worry about Lyme disease (named after a town in Connecticut), you best re-evaluate that thinking:Map from

Guess Simon and I best be taking another trip to the vet's office!


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