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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Always Remember (And Never Forget): Stop Puppy Biting Before It Turns Into DOG Biting

Some time ago, when Alvin and Simon were wee pups, I wrote a squidoo lens about correcting puppy biting:

The bottom line in this lens - stop and correct puppy biting so that the biting pup does not turn into a biting DOG causing tons of damage to human skin. Then, it's a BIG problem. Little dog teeth hurt; big dog teeth hurt a lot more.

Recently, I read a Kingdom of Pets article about the OUCH command:
Whenever your puppy inflicts any amount of pain, whether you are playing or not, cry out sharply with "Ouch" or something similar. The important thing is NOT to say "No" or anything that makes the puppy think it has done something wrong. They simply need to figure out some boundaries. An "Ouch" command lets them know where to draw the line while not punishing them for bad behavior. After all, you are your puppy’s favorite thing in the world. The last thing they want to do is poke multiple holes in your hand.

Follow the correction by placing one of the dog’s toys in its mouth to redirect the behavior.

Good advice!

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