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Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Handle The Barking Dog Problem

Yes, I am the picture of cuteness, but I like to bark - a lot!

As usual, Secrets To Dog Training has an answer to a common dog behavior issue. Like most dogs, Alvin barks at strangers. Lately, his barking has become obsessive. So, I turned to Secrets To Dog Training for a way to handle the situation.

Here's a summary of how the dog training "bible" can help you with a problem such as excessive barking. This is a testimonial from a recent Secrets To Dog Training newsletter:
I wanted to send you a testimonial on how wonderful your book was, and how much it helped my little Sydney, who is a year and a half old yorkie. Thank you for your help! Sydney is my one and a half year old yorkie who was having problems barking whenever anyone came to the door, we passed by anyone on our walks, and anytime she heard something outside.

I tried your techniques with the squirt gun and what a difference it has made. Everytime I hold the water gun now, she knows that she should be quiet. I had to learn that I needed to become the alpha with her and not let her run the household. She is a very pampered princess, but now Sydney knows who is the boss. Your books are a great refresher to read and each time I find new information. Thank you for your help!

-- Mara Giampaola (New York, USA)

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