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Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Puppy Owners: How To Make As Few Mistakes As Possible House Training Your Puppy

House Training Your Puppy requires the best and most effective method from the first day you get your pup.

Really, there's no room for mistakes, because accidents beget MORE accidents. If you like cleaning up poop and pee, screw around with a bunch of different house training methods until one finally works (by chance alone).

The other morning year-old Simon (who had not had an accident in months) left a big, smelly present in the family den. As I was cleaning it up (with Sir Simon watching), I was ever so tempted to reprimand a dog who would not know what the reprimand was for (ranting make you feel good?). But then I remembered a quote from the Kingdom of Pets Ultimate House Training Guide:

The GREATEST RISK (in house training a puppy) is often not a matter of whether or not your puppy will learn, but rather how much CONFUSION AND STRESS your training methods may cause.

Pick a puppy house training guide that will lead you through the process the right way the first time. With the Ultimate House Training Guide, you’ll get:

A comprehensive explanation of the 3 PROVEN house training METHODS: you’ll be able to decide which method will work best for you and your dog AND

SOLUTIONS to all kinds of common problems associated with house training.

Get your Ultimate House Training Guide NOW!

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