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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It's THAT Time Of Year - When The BOYZ Start Invading The Gardens

This is the time of year when The BOYZ can really start getting into trouble. They get winter salt on their paws, chase the squirrels and rabbits, and start prowling in my gardens!

We erected a two foot fence around all the backyard flower and shrub beds just last year.

Alvin (who stands a whole 12 inches at the shoulders) has discovered he can scale these picket fences with ease. Actually, danger aside, it's a very athletic leap - back paws tucked up, springing from a standstill.

Unfortunately, he can now get into the budding bushes and flowers to poison himself.

That means the owners need to try and outsmart the mutt. Ain't easy. Either we train the little monster to stay out of the beds, build a bigger fence, or ban him from going outdoors.

The option that will work best is to build a bigger fence! Onward to Home Depot . . .

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