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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Legit Designer Dog Breeders Live on the Edge!

Obviously, you do NOT want a Cockapoo from a puppy mill (or a pet store, usually stores get the pups from mills).

You do want a Cockapoo from a reputable breeder. One who takes care in selecting healthy parents, maintains sanitary dog living and birthing areas, socializes the pups, provides the puppy buyer with a written guarantee and a solid contract, and answers all your questions truthfully. And stays in contact.

Where do you find such a breeder? Strictly by referral. For example, Simon's breeder fits these criteria perfectly. Only problem is I can't tell you anything more about the breeder or the location, or the website (which, by the way, showcases some adorable pups).

Why? Cause some nut job who hates the concept of designer dogs is liable to contact this breeder and read the riot act. It's happened. I had to quickly retract a forum post because a psychoid threatened Simon's breeder over the phone.

It's really unfortunate.

One other suggestion - you might find a referral at a vet's office. Sometimes vets and/or their techs are aware of good breeders.

Best of luck finding a Cockapoo pup for your family. You will always be happy about your choice.

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