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Friday, May 4, 2012

Before You Use Medication to Treat Anxiety in Dogs . . .

I hate to medicate a dog for anything, although I do realize some medical conditions require medication. I have an issue with owners who use medication as the first line of attack when other solutions may work just as well.

Take the example of anxiety in dogs. Yes, your pup Rocky may quiver uncontrollably when there's a thunderstorm or suffer from separation anxiety.

But a pill is not always the answer. We are conditioned to think "pills" first. Hence the expression "Take a chill pill." Consider the long-term effects of medication. What will happen 5 years from now to the dog who's been medicated for anxiety during this time frame?

What should come BEFORE medication?
Other therapy. For example, a newer treatment is named the Thundershirt, a wrap-around-the-dog garment with mild compression. It simulates a womb-type environment and calms down many dogs. A similar garment has worked on autistic children so someone developed one for dogs.

I just bought a Thundershirt for Alvin. He actually likes wearing it and it calms him immediately.

See this article for reviews and Thundershirt details:

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