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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Dealing with Your Dog's Bladder Inflammation (Cystitis)

Yeah, that's Alvin - cutest Bichon Cockapoo ever. But today the tail hangs between his legs because he's not feeling too great.

Three days ago, about 6 P.M., Al started peeing every few minutes. Since he's usually a thoroughly housetrained dog, we became concerned.

Onto the Vet Hospital
I understand this sounds like overkill, but why did we take our fur baby to THE HOSPITAL so fast?

Here's 3 good reasons:

  • The problem persisted for several hours.
  • His vet's office was closed.
  • Frequent urination is totally out of character for Alvin.

Diagnosis 1
After keeping him overnight, doing a urinalysis, scoping his bladder, taking x-rays and doing an ultrasound, the hospital released him the next morning. Diagnosis - urinary tract infection treated with antibiotics. A very pricey uti.

Diagnosis 2
He was still experiencing frequent urination but now it was bloody. And the dog was vomiting his food.

Less than 2 days after the problem started, we were in the vet's office. He had urine test results from the hospital test. No infection.

He attributed the blood to the scoping, gave the dog an anti-nausea and an anti inflammatory shot, prescribed an anti inflammatory drug, and basically said we had to wait until the swelling subsided. The reason for the inflamed bladder was unknown. Maybe stress or a bladder immune reaction.

Trust me - an inflamed bladder is not a happy condition for dogs and their owners. Be prepared to clean up a lot of messes.

Three days after this ordeal started, we are beginning to see a longer time frame between trips outdoors to pee. We all need sleep!

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