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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Capturing Puppy Memories Digitally

When you get a new pup and realize he’ll be a pup for only a few months, you may decide to capture the memories while you can. So you find the camera you use on vacation and try snapping the pup’s expressions.

And if you’re skilled at photography, you’ll take clear, properly composed shots of everything from the pup sleeping upside down to playing with his friends. Not being that skilled, I take many pictures to get a few good ones. Thanks to the photography gods for digital cameras!

Whether you use a point and shoot camera or a digital SLR, you can get puppy memories captured with these tips:

Take the pics where there’s good lightning, either inside or outside. Flash does not always produce true colors. The one time where flash came in handy is when the light is behind the dog (he’s backlit). For some reason, outside on a cloudy day is the best lighting.


Out-of-focus shots are maddening. You have this outstanding pup expression, but the picture’s fuzzy. Get the dog’s attention with a toy or another person and shoot away before he moves (uh huh!). You can also use a tripod if you get blurring. For example, on the left is a sample of an out-of-focus shot I call “the stuffed animal.” Would have been a great shot if I focused the camera correctly.

Angle of shot
Technically, you should shoot at the dog’s level. Sometimes that’s a little difficult but you need to be creative. Put the dog on a chair or a top stair so you can get to his level.

Zoom In
All cameras have a zoom feature. Get a full body shot and a head shot and one from the front. The pup’s image should fill the frame.

Fix your mistakes
Not every one has Photoshop, but there is software (it may come with your camera) to crop, fix lighting and sharpen pictures. It is best to take a good picture, but that’s not likely if you’re an amateur.

Create pup memories now. Time’s ticking away . . .

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