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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hybrid Dogs for Retirees

What's the ideal dog for a retiree?

In the August edition of Consumer Reports Money Advisor, Greg Daughtery, the "Retirement Guy," "consulted the Association of Pet Dog Trainers for advice on dogs and retirees. Generally, the trainers favored smaller dogs. "Breeds such as poodles, Malteses, Yorkies, Bichons, and any mixes of these breeds are great."

"Another major point - most of the trainers recommended adopting a mature dog rather than a puppy. Choosing an older animal means that you can provide a home for a shelter or rescue dog."

This advice makes a case for the suitability of hybrids to retirees and at the same time satisfies the designer dog naysayers who cannot understand why people go to breeders for hybrids instead of to shelters.

And I have to agree about retirees getting a grown dog. Puppies like Prince Alvin are a lot of work to housebreak, train, and care for.

Although the report indicates that "small dogs cost $1300 for food and care in the first year," it also states that "those of us who take pleasure in canine companionship would agree that few if any investments offer a better return."

I'm sure the $1300 figure is based on valid estimates, but I can debate this item (in Alvin's case) in a future post.

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