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Friday, July 17, 2009

Dog Dental Trauma - Losing a Tooth

Interesting coincidence - there are no accidents!

A few days ago I visited my dentist who somehow found out I have a puppy. I got a short lecture on dog dental care and in my take-home package I found a tiny toothbrush. My dentist recommended meat-flavored toothpaste. You can read about special toothpaste for dogs here.

Then this morning Alvin suddenly went into a fit of mouth hysteria - he kept licking the side of his mouth, was bleeding a little, and appeared to be choking. We checked - there was nothing in his mouth.

This scenario continued for about 10 minutes during which we were deciding how to get him to the vet as quickly as possible. Finally he dropped something white on the floor - a nasty looking tooth - sort of a molar with points on it. Now I know why no one wants to be a dog dentist!

Does the tooth fairy know it's a dog tooth and put a dog bone under the pillow?

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