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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Alvin Fights Back - Elizabethan Collar Suffers Damage

Warriors Alvin and Simon Discuss Maneuvers

Okay, in Friday's post (The Patient Fights the Elizabethan Collar), I thought Alvin lost the war with his ecollar.

I was wrong. He lost Friday nite's BATTLE.

On Saturday, he damaged the connection that holds the collar together. He stuck a major blow before I rescued the collar. I had to tape the ragged edges of the plastic. The noise should have tipped me off, but I was engrossed in creating a squidoo lens about guess who - Alvin and Simon.

If left unattended, he might just destroy it before (next) Friday when the stitches are removed. I already googled "How to make an Elizabethan Collar," an emergency tactic. I might make one in preparation for the ecollar's total destruction.

Postscript: When you remove the collar so the dog can eat, remember (and NEVER forget) to put it back on immediately after he's finished. Otherwise, he'll try and take out the stiches on his own!

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