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Friday, September 18, 2009

The Patient Fights the Elizabethan Collar

Today there was a minor relapse as a result of Alvin's surgery on Monday, but it was unrelated to the neuter surgery. One dew claw caused problems during grooming. The vet agreed that it could be surgically removed before Alvin caught it on something and tore it.

When I removed the bandage from his leg, the surgical area appeared red and swollen. Also, Alvin was shaky, probably from pain.

I called the vet's office. During the office visit, the vet agreed that the leg was puffy and a little red. He gave Alvin a shot of antibiotics and pills to take at home. He assured me that it would heal properly (with this level of care).

Now here's the last recommendation from the vet - Alvin should be fitted with an Elizabethan collar to prevent him from licking or biting the area on his leg. When a dog licks or nibbles a sutured wound, the likelihood of infection increases. I had avoided using an ecollar by diapering the dog to protect the neuter surgery area. But now the collar is the only alternative to ensure healing of both the leg and the neuter incision.

This picture shows his reaction to wearing the ecollar. After he fought it for quite a while, he finally gave up.

No one likes to see a dog in distress, but I'm convinced the Elizabethan collar will expedite the healing process.

Let's hope Alvin heals quickly!


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